Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fall Goods...

I would like to Welcome you to my new selling Blog. I usually list my goods for sale in my sidebar at Black Sheeps Homeplace, but with Fall approaching, i found i have too many things to list to do that. So that leads me here to Black Sheep's Mercantile! Here are just a few of the signs i offer....

Pumpkin Patch measures 6x24" $15 + shipping

Fall Gatherings measures 6x24" $15 + shipping

Pumpkin festival measures 9x18" $18 + shipping
Signs can be done in colors you see in pics or colors of your choice. I am in the process of putting together new pinkeeps and will be posting those in a few days.
Interested in placing an order? Just email me


  1. WOW!! Your signs look great Lisa! Good luck with your new blog!

  2. Love all your goods, Lisa ;)
    Best of luck (tho you won't need it)!